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    2wd Compact Tractor

    I've been shopping 2WD Tractors. I wondered if anyone has a good recommendation for an AGCO Compact Tractor that could do most basic chores around the property. I need something that has the attachment options & horse power to clear land, drive/dig fence poles/holes, move this from here to there, mow about 80 acres. I don't want to waste a lot of money on a name brand, and the John Deere's & Kubota's kinda scare me that way. I don't really need a "New" tractor, but I do need a lot of bang for my buck.

    Any suggestions or recommendations? Any help is much appreciated. I'm taking notes.

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    As far as the AGCO Brand, its definitely a good solid brand. You're still paying for the name a little. AGCO is one of the largest manufacturers around as far as I can tell. So you're still looking at at LEAST $10 Grand with probably a loader. Here's a quick search I did on USF

    I like their Similar Listings features. If you click on one you like, you can click the similar listings & it will pull any other things that match. Hope that helps ya!

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