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    Afraid to post anything.

    Recently a friend of mine, who has now quit all forums, said she posted something in a forum and was chewed out by someone. It was her very first post in any kind of forum and it turned her off from all forums. I reassured her that people in most forums are not rude like that and to not give up. But I dont think it did any good to comfort her. I have been chewed out in forums before too over what seemed meaningless issues. Just rude people I guess. Anyway, does anyone else have any experiences like this to share? Not for my sake so much, but to show my friend that it does happen sometimes and to maybe encourage her to give it another try. Thanks.

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    I totally understand the feeling, but you're right. Ur friend shouldn't let one rude person prevent them from posting. I've been cussed by little kids on Xbox & occasionally on a forum, someone says something stupid, outrageous or just plain rude. But you just gotta roll your eyes at those peeps, block 'em if you can, and move on. Some people thrive on being a smart a$$ & I think Forums are the perfect breeding ground for them. Really, we need more positive people to drown out the rude ones. Hope this helps to encourage them! (^_^)

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