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    Crop Circles in the US - California

    Here's another one in the US I found on Crop Circle Archive.

    In early May, the first crop circle formations in the United States of America were discovered in the states of Louisiana and California.

    THE FIRST FORMATION was reported on May 10, 2007, by local TV-station NBC10 to have been discovered the week before from the air by local pilots. The formation is said to resemble „over 25 circles“ in a field of wheat at the village of Epps in West Carroll Parish in northeast Louisiana.

    The original article on NBC10 reported the following:

    „The small farming community of Epps has found itself in the spotlight after a series of crop circles appeared in a local wheat field.

    Until now northeast Louisiana farmers never had to deal with the crop circle craze. That is until a local pilot flew over a West Carroll parish wheat field earlier this week. There's something unusual going on in this West Carroll parish wheat field. Bobby Gwin who lives near the field tells us, "Something happened didn't it? but what I don't know. I couldn't say". West Carroll creditor Adam Plunkett says, "I have never seen anything like it in twenty years of flying". What's perplexing people in West Carroll parish? Crop circles. A local creditor spotted this odd formation from the air and reported it.

    Ag scientist from the Louisiana State Agricultural Center went to the field to see the circles. Ralph Bagwell from the LSU ag center says that this phenomenon is strictly man-made". The LSU team concluded that sometime last year one or more persons used a common insecticide and a pre measured piece of rope or a board. The end result? Over twenty five circles, approximately ten feet in diameter that stretch almost a quarter of a mile. So what at first glance appeared as an out of this world event in an Ark-La-Miss wheat field, turned out to be a good old fashioned prank. (...)"

    American crop circle researcher Jeff Wilson, director of the "Independent Crop Circle Researchers’ Association (ICCRA)“ noted that the formation seems to be placed „very close one of the oldest (about 1670 B.C.) and largest Indian mound complexes in the USA, called Poverty Point.“

    So far we do not know what kind of analysis and methods have been used by the Ag scientitsts at the site, nor if the team was aware of the state of physiological crop circle sciences.

    However, it sounds rather suprising that the scientific conclusion should state - as quoted by NBC10 - that the formation was made "last year". This might imply that the formation was not a typical flattened crop circle formation but - as some of the above shown pictures suggest too - that the circles became visible due to different growing levels only and not by the fact that the normal growing plants had been flattened.

    Furthermore it sounds strange that using "insecticides" (a pesticide used to kill insects) and not "herbicides" (to kill unwanted plants) was the way the circles shold have been made while at the same time the using of "a pre measured rope or a board" was suggested.

    Both details as well as the above mentioned "last year-theory" might be due to journalistic misinterpretation of the possibly expresses idea by the Ag scientists that in fact the plants were treated already "last year" (when still very young) with some sort of "herbicide" and that "a pre measured rope or board" was used to mark out the circular size and areas. This would imply that the circle's plants were not flattened but only lower in growth than the surrounding normal field. In this case the formation of circles at Epps would not represent a classical crop circle formation. However based on the report, the farmer does not seem to have been informed about such activities.

    A news report by American station TV8 now shows the circle in better close-ups. The picture reveal that indeed the circles were not flattened in the normal crop circle way but were only lower in growth. The owning farming farming family says that they did not do this.

    THE SECOND FORMATION was reported on May 12, 2007, by the local newspaper „Red Bluff Daily News“.

    As the newspaper reported, the formation of three circles of different sizes was discovered on May 11, in a „field across the street from Helser Chevrolet on Adobe Road in Red Bluff in Tehama County, California. Red Bluff police said they were aware of the circles but had not received any calls on the matter and were not investigating."

    Again Jeff Wilson of ICCRA supplied the following information on the formation's location:
    "Red Bluff, California is notable as being the location of where Ishi, “the last wild Indian in North America,” came out of the wilderness (just to the west of Red Bluff) back in 1911; Ishi was the last remaining member of the Yahi tribe. There were Indian mounds that were excavated in Red Bluff (the Tehama-Red Bluff Mounds) back in 1907, and there are more than 250 recorded ancient settlement sites along the Sacramento River in Tehama County. Red Bluff is located about 40 miles south of Mt. Shasta and 40 miles west of the Lassen Volcanic National Park."

    Sources and Thanks:,, J. Wilson, ICCRA, P. Duckworth, R. Wolf

    Photo 1: First Formation
    Photo 2: Poverty Point
    Photo 3: Still taken from TV8 newsreport at:
    Photo 4: Copyright by / Rebecca Wolf
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