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View Current IH 1466.
IH 1466 Turbo
IH 1466 Turbo IH 1466 Turbo IH 1466 Turbo IH 1466 Turbo IH 1466 Turbo IH 1466 Turbo IH 1466 Turbo IH 1466 Turbo IH 1466 Turbo IH 1466 Turbo IH 1466 Turbo IH 1466 Turbo IH 1466 Turbo IH 1466 Turbo IH 1466 Turbo
IH 1466 Turbo - Tractors : 2WD
IH 1466 Turbo - Tractors : 2WD
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IH 1466 Turbo - Sold - March 2014

For Sale is a International 1466 Farmall Tractor. The rear tire size is 18.4-38, 10 Ply Tires that are well worn. This tractor has 10.00-16SL front tires. This tractor does have the duals for it, that can be purchased for an additional $350.00. This tractor has been converted from a 6 volt electrical system to a 12 volt system. The tach on this tractor is showing 6,944 Hours. The tractor does run. The model # is P1466, The serial # is 26501160011059 . This tractor is unique in the fact that it has both a 540 and a 1,000 RPM shafts. It has a three point lift and two hydraulic SUVs. This tractor was purchased new and my friend is the second owner. I have lots more pictures of this tractor, just contact me and I can email you more pics, including the pics of the engine oil on the dipstick. I have a man who will deliver this tractor for $3.75 per loaded mile. The floor panels are missing, one door is missing from the cab. The other door is missing a handle. The air conditioner on top of the cab does not work. Tank mount on the front of the tractor does come with it. Tractor has a starter button. I am unsure of the conditon of the lights and other functions. I am selling this tractor for a friend of mine. The tractor is sold "" As, is where is"". Their is no warranty implied. This tractor has been sitting outside. Tractor does not have a battery, however it will start. . Pep, Texas is about 50 miles west of Lubbock, Texas.
Additional Details:
Usage: 6,944 Hours
Listing ID #: 268456

Additional Features:
  • Transmission: Quad
  • PTO: 540
  • PTO: 1000
  • Hydraulics
  • Hitch: 3 Pt
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Duals: Rear
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