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Phillips HARROW - Sold - December 2012

43', CALL 800-272-4435
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Listing ID #: 45092

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Heartland Equipment

2100 North Falls Blvd
Wynne, Arkansas 72396
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About The Seller:
The abundance of irrigated, fertile, level, lands of East Arkansas gave us the name. The northern heartland should be so fortunate. Heartland is a locally owned company having developed a customer base expanding beyond 15 states. A reputation for quality and service maintains this base. We have conducted many large projects including selling and leasing 134 large tractors in a one year period, selling over 1,000 tractors over 5 years on the highway mowing project, and we have also sold over 1,000 large land-leveling scrapers to farmers and contractors. However, our core business comes from farmers, contractors, and consumers who buy one piece at a time and keep coming back for the things for which we are known: •SERVICE •VALUE •SELECTION We are not known by one brand, rather a selection of quality, dependable products that cover many needs. • Case IH - full line ag products • Case - full line construction products • Reynolds - pull scrapers & land leveling equipment • Ashland - pull scrapers & land leveling equipment • Great Plains - field equipment • Monosem - planters • Navistar - truck parts & service • Parts &service - major brand heavy trucks • Outback - GPS guidance systems • Bush Hog • Other shortline brands Look at our people, the facilities (especially inside the shops), the vehicles, and tools, and it is easy to see why the manufacturers send new dealers to the model stores before setting up new dealerships. Heartland represents products with a heritage dating back to 1840 and new products that fill special needs. We are the survivor of many mergers, buyouts, and operations that did not survive. Our products change, but our key people are the same. Most of our customers have been dealing with the same managers and department managers for 25 years.
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