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53 items in John Deere Tillage Disc

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Cape Girardeau, MO
24FT, New Bearings in Gangs, Tandems on Wings, Blade Sizes-20"Frt, 20 1/4" Rear
Huntingburg, IN
19FT, 9" Spacing, 22" Front Blades, 20 1/2 Rear Blades
Huntingburg, IN
Hopkinsville, KY
Call for price.
Clinton, MO
Exellent condition all over! hyd fold, narrow base!
Linwood, KY
18" blades are like new. All scrapers are in place and good. Collapses down and will will in an 8ft. truck bed.
Rosebud, MO
22.5' Wide w/Harrow. 9in. Spacing. Front Blades: 20 1/4in. Rear Blades: 21in
Clinton, MO