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View Current John Deere 350.
John Deere 350 Repo. Photo We sell several Belt Mowers
John Deere 350 Repo. Photo We sell several Belt Mowers - Mowers & Cutters : Sickle
John Deere 350 Repo. Photo We sell several Belt Mowers - Mowers & Cutters : Sickle
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John Deere 350 Repo. Photo We sell several Belt Mowers - Sold - January 2014

We sell and ship out hundreds of sickle bar mowers each year. Pitman and Belt Drive Mowers. Prices range from $800 to $3500 mostly. Call 270-528-3323 or go to for current inventory. This is a Good Used John Deere # 350 Sickle Bar Mower with 7 Ft Cutter bar. It is perfect for mowing all types of hay crops, mowing pond dams, road banks, under fences, terraces, clipping pastures and much more. This machine will mow 90 degrees vertical or 70 degrees below horizontal. The sickle is sharp and ready to go. The mower will actually run just like you see it in the pictures. Thanks for looking and visit our Ebay Store for other fine implements and parts.--This mower is not a Fixer Upper. It is Top Grade and field ready. *Made in the USA * Checkout the inside wear shoe on the cutter bar and you can see this mower has not been over many acres. * Compare at $8,000 + new. Parts available from your John Deere Dealer Network. * This mower is a local trade in to a New Fort 9 ft disc mower that we sell. * One of the easiest sickle mowers ever made to hook to your tractor. * 1 3/8 inch diameter shielded standard PTO included * Owners Manual included. * 35 HP tractor minimum 100 HP Maximum required. *Gearbox runs free and quiet on our farm tractor. *Mower cuts great. * The John Deere 350 Sickle Mower is the most popular belt drive sickle mower on the market today. Here is a Youtube video of a John Deere 350 mower being used on a older 2 cylinder JD tractor.
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Sweet Farm Equipment

1198 Main St.
Munfordville, Kentucky 42765
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We are one of 2 stores located in South Central Kentucky. We specialize in farm implements for hay productions and field maintenance.
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