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Lely 7 ft.
Lely 7 ft. Lely 7 ft. Lely 7 ft. Lely 7 ft.
Lely 7 ft. - Mowers & Cutters : Disc Mower
Lely 7 ft. - Mowers & Cutters : Disc Mower
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Lely 7 ft. - Sold - July 2013

Nice Lely Optimo 205---- 7 ft. Disc Mower * Nice tight machine. This is a shaft drive machine. Shaft drive mowers have 1/3 less moving parts than a gear drive mower. * Virtually no slack between rotors when you move them back and forth & up and down. It is tight! * Lely is owned by Vermeer now same mower also as a Hay Maxx----Parts availability is good. * Working Width Approx: 7 ft. * Category 1 & 2 Three Point Hook Up. * The tarp on this machine is not new but is very usuable. Couple of small torn areas but no big deal. One larger tear in back. We thought we would keep the price down under $4000 and sell it like it is. We can order you a new tarp for $350 extra if needed. * Number of discs ----5 with 2 knives per disc. * 40 HP Required with one remote hook up for hydraulics. * Weight approx 1075 lbs. * Approx. Work Rate/Hour 4-5 Acres. * Test run on our tractor here at the store. Full pto speed. Technician did not report any unusual noise, vibrations or bearing failures. Test run passed! * Easy Access, Only 30 seconds off the interstate exit ramp
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Sweet Farm Equipment

1198 Main St.
Munfordville, Kentucky 42765
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We are one of 2 stores located in South Central Kentucky. We specialize in farm implements for hay productions and field maintenance.
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