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7 items in Attachments Bale Spear

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Bale Spear Attachments ,Tarter 3 pt. Spear
* Fits most Category I Hitches or Category II with optional bushings. * Rated at 1500 lb. Capacity. * Spike length 45" * Stabilizer spike length 14...
Munfordville, KY
Bale Spear Attachments ,Miscellaneous Adjustable Hay Spikes
Mount Sterling, KY
Versailles, MO
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Innovative spear arrangement The spear arrangement in the same radius as the module is critical in properly supporting the weight of the module and reducing pressure on...
St. Charles, MO
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Bale Spear Attachments ,2014 Zimmerman BM348
Bethel, PA
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Bale Spear Attachments ,2011 Kubota M1804
Attachment Type: Agricultural
Hopkinsville, KY
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